Typography Tutorials for Beginners

Below are three typography tutorials for beginners. I’m going to discuss what I like about the websites. What sort of content is in each tutorial? What content (article/tutorial/examples) drew me in and why.

Beginning Graphic Design: Typography by gcflearnfree.org


I like how this website shows the use of typography in everyday products. I really like the video in the beginning of the website.  You have the option of watching the video or reading the tutorial. I like the examples they provided on combining fonts. What I liked the most about this tutorial was the emphasis on the important terms of typography.  They provide a brief description with an example for each term.

This tutorial covers common types of fonts. It gives examples of how to display the fonts. It gives you tips on how to choose a font. It highlights fonts to avoid and combining fonts. They discuss important terms like kerning, leading, tracking and hierarchy.

I was drawn to this tutorial by the video at the top of the website. The video covered everything on the website. You were able to watch the video or read the tutorial. I like that if I needed to review a certain topic I could just scroll down and find it on the website and review it.

10 Typography and Design Tips for Beginners by creativeshrimp.com


I like how this tutorial was very detailed.  I really liked that there were a lot of examples given to help the user understand the material. The video was fun to watch.  The examples kept the user engaged. I really liked the colors he used throughout the tutorial.

This tutorial discusses the importance of establishing a visual hierarchy. It shows how to pair fonts. How it’s important to use white space to allow the elements to breathe. How text alignment is important for easy reading. Readability is very important. It’s important to learn the color theory. It discusses contrast and the five different types of contrast which are size, weight, color, tracking and style. The text layout is important as well as consistency.

I was drawn to this tutorial by the video at the beginning of the website.  The video gave many more examples than the website itself. Gleb Alexandrov was very entertaining. He presented the material in a fun way. It was easy to follow and understand the information provided about typography.

Typography Tutorial for Beginners: Everything you need to learn Typography Basics by nirmal.com


I like how this tutorial covered the basics of typography.  It introduced the beginner to typography without overwhelming them. It introduced a topic, gave a brief description making it easy for the reader to follow along.

This tutorial covers the basic components of typography. It briefly introduces the reader to common terms like typefaces, fonts, tracking, kerning, line length and leading. It discusses how typography is important and how you can find it everywhere. It focuses on cool fonts that are free to download.

I was drawn to this tutorial because it was easy to follow along. It didn’t overwhelm the reader with too much information. It introduced the basics of typography. I was also drawn in by the cool fonts it displayed.


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