The Role of the Project Manager

Based on your experience working with the Lego project, what do you think are important assets and skills to have and/or develop to be a successful project manager?

The project manager should have a good understanding of the client’s needs, the project’s requirements and deadlines. They should be able to delegate job responsibilities to each member of the team so everyone is contributing. They should have good communicating skills, it’s important to be clear and answer any questions the team might have. But most important they should be able to prioritize, stick to deadlines and met them.

How would you handle the following situations?

1) You are allocated a team that does not agree on the best way to achieve certain aspects of the project you oversee. They debate recommendations, timelines, resources, and each other. They disagree so often that the upcoming milestone/deadline is potentially impacted? How would you handle this to ensure the project remains on time and in budget?

First, I would call a team meeting to address the issues on hand. As the project manager, I need to gain control of the situation. Having team members in constant conflict is causing the company to lose money. I would hear everyone’s point of view but most important I would try to come up with a resolution to the conflict. I would work on team building skills. Then I would revisit everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Finally, I would emphasis on the existing deadlines and have the team members make a decision and move forward.

2) You have a bad history working with one team member on your project team. It can even be said you do not like one another. How would you handle being a project manager with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable?

The fact that there is personal conflict with an existing team member should not be an issue when working on a project. Personal feelings need to be moved aside and one needs to concentrate on the project and deadlines on hand. The project manager has to lead by example. They need to be professional and treat all team members equally. The project manager needs to focus on building strong team dynamics and emphasis on team progress and deadlines.

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