Our First Team Project

This was the first week working on a project team.  Based on your experience how would you answer the following questions:

What personal challenges did you experience in the role you were assigned?

I put a lot of pressure on myself to complete a task when it is due. I felt pressed for time when creating the style tile for the website. I tried to download a template on sketch and noticed it was taking me to long to change the colors on the template. A team member suggested I work with the template provided on the drive.  I did, but it was challenging too. It was created on Pixelmator and had a lot of unnecessary layers that made it difficult to work with. With the help of the floater, Gillete, I was able to finish the style tile.

The second personal challenge I encountered was having to explain why changes where made to the website when I wasn’t the one that made them. We were pressed for time, so everyone got assigned a page to work on the website. I was not the person who created all the design for the website. Yet, because I was the designer, I was the person that needed to take responsibility for the layout of the website and I had to answer as to why we had images entered a certain way.

What strengths did you experience in the role you were assigned?

My role was not confined to Graphic Designer. I was given other task and even though I didn’t know everything about the task given to me, I took initiative to learn or to ask for help. I was able to step in when needed. In doing so, I learned how to edit our website. I was able to use the developer tools and add CSS through the customizer section. I was able to help other team members when they needed help.

What were the top 3 challenges you experienced with your team?

The first challenged we experienced was that we were unable to begin working on the website because we didn’t have a theme installed in WordPress. Our developer was having trouble working with the theme we chose so we had to change the theme three times.

Our second challenge was that the wireframe needed to be redone because we changed the theme and our developer was trying to recreate the wireframe on the new theme step by step. A new wireframe was created to incorporate the features of the new theme. Also, we never really went over the wireframe. Everyone saw it but we didn’t break it done as a team to see if we were all on the same page and if it worked with what the client wanted.

Our third challenge was that we all lost track of our roles. We were so focused on getting the website done, that we didn’t have an organized method to create the website. We hit a wall on the photo gallery. And towards the end of the project it just seemed like everyone had other priorities and lost interest on the website because everyone thought it was mostly completed.

What would you improve upon moving forward?

Moving forward, I feel there needs to be more communication between the Project Manager and the team. Also, each role needs to be more defined and everyone needs to stick to their job responsibilities. Finally, when creating a website in the future, it needs to be done in a step process. Everyone was working on the website at once and not all the changes were being accepted, so it seemed like we were not being productive.

Lastly, what was something you learned about working with a team?

It is very difficult working on a team. I learned that if roles are not clearly defined you might end up doing more work than you’re responsible for. I also learned that work was distributed not by people’s roles but by whom the Project Manger thought could do the work. This put more pressure on certain team members and allowed others to have very minimal work.

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