My first meet up experience.

On June 27, 2018 I attended my first meet up, Experiential Learning with VR/AR by Marlon Fuentes presented by Immersive Ed Tech – Los Angeles (ARVR in Education).

I was going to meet my friend there, she was stuck in traffic so I went into the event by myself. The first thing I noticed was that I was the second women there. I walked around the room observing the layout for the presentation. I noticed people were engaged in conversations, so I sat in a table so I could observe. Gradually more people sat with me. I meet four individuals and engaged in conversation about VR and our society. The conversation was easy, because VR is such a cool experience. My friend showed up just when the presentation was going to begin.

The presentation was very informative. The focus was to use VR in the classroom, for education purposes.  There was a demonstration of a 360 degree video and clips of Marlon Fuentes in Central America introducing students to the VR experience. After the presentation I was able to use the Oculus Go headset that Marlon Fuentes had.  He gave us more information about what cameras to use for a good 360 experience.  Then I went into the main demonstration room and tried on the equipment.  It was amazing!

I was on a sunken ship in the deep ocean, fish were swimming by me when suddenly a giant blue whale swam by me.  I was so impressed at how real everything looked. The demo guy asked me if I wanted to draw. I cool feature that allowed you to be creative. I was able to draw my name, it looked like a neon sign was hanging in front of me. Then I sprayed snowflakes all over my name, it looked like they were falling from the sky.  It was a lot of fun using the VR equipment.

For my next meet up, I would like to attend one with just women, preferably in coding. There are so many questions I have. I would like to talk to a few women that are already working in technology. I would like to ask them questions about their day to day work flow.  How long they have been working in technology. How they knew that the company they work for was a good fit for them.

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