Learning about the User Experience (UX) Design

Write 3 – 5 sentences on what is your understanding of UX, IA, and UI mean.

User Experience (UX) is the internal experience that a person has as they interact with every aspect of a company’s products and services.

Information architecture (IA) involves the way a website/app is structured and how the content is organized.

User Interface (UI) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product.

After reading about dark patterns in UX, taking into mind the portfolio critiques from last week, and everything you learned this week, how has your understanding of how you view websites changed?

I definitely look at websites differently now. I catch myself analyze a website when I use it. I look at things that look confusing.  If they are using to much color or images, that take away from the brand or product. I think about ways they could improve their layout to make it more user friendly. I notice I use certain websites more often because I have positive experiences with their websites layout and navigation.  I’ve also noticed that I have less patience for websites that are not user friendly. I catch myself saying, if their website was easier to use or navigate, they would sell more products or services.

I have been a victim of hidden fees and unwanted subscriptions. I didn’t know this practice had a name, dark patterns.  I think it’s wrong for companies to deceive their customers.  Yet, I understand why we are quick to become victims.  We tend to rely on the information given to us and therefore do not read all the material provided.  Not paying attention to al the wording could lead to a major headache on the long run. It’s shocking to hear that companies are still taking advantage of us, their customers.

The portfolio review was very interesting.  It’s important to remember that the portfolio is a representation of you and your work. The information you provide and how you represent it is what the user sees. If it is not done right or laid out correctly, it could hurt you when looking for employment. It made me aware that the way I view a website is definitely not the way another person might view it. As the person with interest invested, we might be more bias or stubborn to include items that might hurt us. It is always good to have a few individuals that don’t know you to critique your portfolio, website or blog. Even though you might not like the criticism, it will definitely help you understand how other people see your work.

Is there anything this week that surprised you? What part of the process did you find to be the most interesting? The most challenging? What do you feel that you still need to work on to improve the quality of your client blog? Do you feel the UX process could have improved the work you did on your client blog?

I was surprised to find out what UX design actually is and the work behind it. Below is a list of everything needed to designing the UX experience.

Field research

Face to face interviewing

Graphic arts

Creation and administering of tests

Gathering, organizing, and presenting statistics

Documentation of personas and findings

Product design

Feature writing

Requirement writing

Interaction design

Information Architecture



Interface layout

Interface design

Visual design

Taxonomy creation

Terminology creation

Copy writing

Presentation and speaking

Working tightly with programmers

Brainstorm coordination

Company culture evangelism

Communication to stakeholders

The most interesting part of the UX process for me was the user testing.  I didn’t know how important the user testing is to UX design. Through user testing you could find out if something works. You could have a fresh set of eyes look at something you have looked at a hundred times.  Most important, testing an actual audience prior to development saves time, money, and reduces avoidable rework.  It might uncover missing features or confusion functionality.

The most challenging part of the process was the competitive and comparative analysis. During the analysis our group members were being distracted from the objective. We caught ourselves critiquing the websites, not happy with the logo layout and the use of Instagram instead of a photo gallery. We had to redirect each other a few times to stick to the point.

I definitely need to improve the quality of my client blog.  Right now I have including the information that the client has provided.  I need to review the layout, to see if it engages with people visiting the site.  I need to include buttons so the user could navigate around the site. I also need to pick a background image that is subtle and compliments the colors the client provided.

I definitely think the UX process could have improved my work on the client blog. My focus was to incorporate all the content provided by the client. I never once thought about how the user visiting the site might feel about the blog. I don’t remember asking myself if the blog was user friendly.

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