Headspace Headquarters Tour

On July 26th, 2018, our class was invited to tour the Headspace Headquarters in Santa Monica. We were given a tour of the facility. It was interesting how they really accommodate their employees by having an open kitchen environment. They provide snacks, coffee, water, and lunch. I really enjoyed the open space the employees work in. It was nice to see the diversity in the employees, different age groups and genders were well represented. It was interesting to find out that there were no phone land lines in the employee’s desks. We were able to observe the employees working on their computers or in teams.

We participated in a test group. We answered questions about Headspace, things we liked about the app, areas where we saw improvement. I really like the way the employees interacted with us. They were really interested in what we had to say, regardless if it was negative or positive feedback.

I really enjoyed the panel of employees they selected to talk to us. I like that they had two employees that were in a Coding Bootcamp like us. It was interesting hearing from the employees, their history and how they came to work for Headspace. They were very informative. They answered all of our questions.

The tour to Headspace Headquarters was fun. I like that they offered mediation to all the employees, not making it an obligation, but a choice. We meditated with some of the employees and the co-founder of Headspace. The employees were all very nice. I really enjoyed getting a first hand experience of a tech companies real work environment.

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