Beginning the Job Search Process

We are now in the final weeks of finishing the Codetalk Program. We have learned the skills necessary to enter the field of technology. Now it is time to look for a job. These past few days we have been focusing on our resume, cover letter and the interview process.

This week we were preparing the final draft of our resume. This task has been very difficult for me. My work experience has come from the Accounting/Administrative field. It has been very hard for me to summarize my work history and reduce it to shorter sections. I feel like most of my work experience has been deleted. But I trust the instructors and know that once I start interviewing it is up to me to make my work experience valuable to any employer. I know that once I gain more experience in the tech field my resume will be filled with content pertaining to technology.

I just finished preparing my cover letter. This task was also very difficult. In the accounting/administrative field, employers want your resume to be direct and to the point. In the tech field, because a lot of jobs consist of team projects, they want to see more enthusiasm and personality in your resume. This definitely was a task I struggled with.

They are also preparing us for the interview process. This week, we were given sample interview questions for a Front-End Developer.  I went through the questions a few weeks back, and to be honest I was very overwhelmed.  The questions were so broad. Some of them were basic, but most of them seemed so advanced. I know I need to work on answering the questions. I know what the question is asking, but I notice I have difficulty explaining my answer.  It’s possible that I’m just nervous and doubt myself.  Something I definitely have to work on. My goal is to try to cover all of the questions when I graduate and study from them, so I could be as prepared as possible when I get called for an interview.

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